• Festival Mondial de L’image Sous-Marine

    Festival Mondial de L’image Sous-Marine

    For 38 years, the World Festival of Underwater Pictures has brought together artistic, photographic and cinematographic productions related to the underwater world. For five days at the end of October each year the Festival offers the general public a window on the seas and oceans of the world.

  • Bonito 360

    Bonito 360

    I have always wanted to shoot some 360 panoramas underwater. I was recently at Bonito in Brazil and thought it was a perfect place to try it. It turned to be not an easy task, […]

  • Back to Fernando de Noronha

    Back to Fernando de Noronha

    I was in Fernando de Noronha for the last time in 2004. It was the last from a series of 8 visits to the island in order to finish my book “Fernando de Noronha Terra e Água” published at end of that year. Since then I was busy with other projects and didn’t had a chance to go back. The opportunity rose in June this year, when friend and photographer Fernando Clark planned to visit to the island to finish his upcoming photo book.

  • Peregrine Falcon at National Geographic Brazil

    Peregrine Falcon at National Geographic Brazil

    When photographs at National Geographic Magazine are mentioned, very often we think about some far away and exotic location. Pictures taken in rivers filled with crocodiles or piranhas, deep inside an underwater cave, high on a mountain or in dense tropical forests. But the photo of the peregrine falcon that’s featured on National Geographic Magazine Brazil I took from the window of my apartment. Or something like that.

  • Goliath Grouper Aggregations in Florida

    Goliath Grouper Aggregations in Florida

    The Goliath Grouper is the one of the largest fish of the grouper family and can weight as much as 800 lbs. Their range includes the Florida Keys, the Caribbean, practically all of the Brazilian coast as well as Congo to Senegal on the eastern Atlantic. They species is classified as critically endangered by the World Conservation Union (IUCN) and have been protected in the US since 1990, in the Caribbean since 1993 and in Brazil since 2002.

  • Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica Photo Contest

    Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica Photo Contest

    In 2010 one of the pictures I took at RPPN Reserva Ecológica do Sebuí got the first place on the Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica photo contest. Now on its sixth edition, the contest got 1.936 submissions, 1.075 on the amateur category and 861 on the pro category.

  • Wildlife Photographer of The Year

    Wildlife Photographer of The Year

    This year the image above was highly commended at the BBC / Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. This is perhaps the most prestigious wildlife and nature photo competition and having a picture among the winers is a great honor. This year’s competition received in excess of 31,000 entries from 81 countries. The image was taken at the Pantanal, a vast wetland on the west part of Brazil.

  • Diving the Rio Verde

    Diving the Rio Verde

    The Rio Verde’s headwater is located near the city of Itanorte, in the State of Mato Grosso. From there, the waters go north trough the rivers Sacre, Papagaio, Jurema, Tapajós until finally reaching the Amazon River.

  • Many of the ranch staff are buried in this old cemetery. Nikon D3x, Nikon PC-E 24mm f/3.5D ED.


    The Descalvados Ranch has been part in the Mato Grosso state history since the last century. It was the main pillar of the lucrative jerky meat industry that according to historians had its golden age during First Word War due to shortage of meat in Europe. They say that it once had a cattle herd of near 600.000 individuals.

  • Blue Heron Bridge

    Blue Heron Bridge

    Many consider the Blue Heron Bridge the premier dive site in Florida to see small invertebrates and rare fish. Creatures rarely seen on other dive spots can be found here. Seahorses, frog fish, stargazer, tiny crustaceans, octopus and many more subjects that are a delight to photographers.